About Us

Dural Trims Profiles Private Limited

Dural Trims & Profiles Private Limited present in Industry for the past 24 years,this existence has also given way to develop dozens of technicians who own 20+ years of experience in manufacturing profiles. We select high grade of PVC, aluminium, stainless steel, polypropylene and other materials to produce a variety of beautiful, upscale, unique decorative trims and profiles. Our purpose is “Dedicated to Protecting Corners, innovation, do the best on every product.”

Quality Assurance Objective
  • Products manufactured indigenously go thru rigorous quality checks which help to define a modern style and elegant detailing.
  • Products are constantly under quality checks and are marketed only subject to meeting the standards.
  • Products are on par with international standards and are subject to constant up gradation in quality and features, in line with the industry requirement.
CORE Management Team

Mr. Abdul Rafoob

Chairman, who has more than 30 years of experience in working with various construction industry around the World. Who is determined to introduce new products with specific architectural value and affordability to the customers.

Mr. Sirajudeen

is the Managing Director, who is an eminent personality in the construction industry. He is an Engineering graduate with Management background ambitious in contributing innovative ideas through developing a new concept in trims and profiles manufacturing and allied construction products to the building sector.

R & D cell at Dural Trims Profiles Pvt. Ltd.

The skilled team having through experience in the application of the product, with vast exposure in the field of engineering and construction industry by providing their innovative ideas and technical knowledge to keep the company in development, consistently and continuously engaged in keeping abreast with the market requirement and commandeer innovative methods in bringing out newer products with a portfolio today boasts of products more than 50 + ranges each with a different perspective and benefit focusing on cost-effective and utility oriented Products.