Plaster Mesh

Plaster Mesh

Plaster Mesh

Products Details

  • Size7MM, 9.5MM, 10.5MM, 11.5MM × 7 feet, 8 feet (Match Tile Thickness)
  • BrandDural India
  • Package10 Per Pack / 200 Per Box
  • ApplicationTile Edges / External Corners
  • FeaturesCovers rough and sharp edges
    Improves grip between tiles
    Chamfering can be avoided
  • Delivery TimeAs per customer Requirements (Speed Delivery)


  • Inner Curvature between walls & floors
  • Dust accumulation can be avoided
  • Used for decoration of junction between wall & floors
  • Easy cleaning because it is smooth curve


  • Acts as a waterproofing membrane
  • Protects the wall base
  • Protects profiles of inside corners in vertical & horizontal wall & floor surfaces from moisture


Used in Kitchen, Bathroom, Surgical Area in Hospital, Commercial Areas, etc

Height (H) Length (L)
4 Inch 15 Mtr
6 Inch 15 Mtr
8 Inch 15 Mtr