Speed Breaker

Speed Breaker

Products Details

  • MaterielPVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) & Aluminum
  • Size7MM, 9.5MM, 10.5MM, 11.5MM × 7 feet, 8 feet (Match Tile Thickness)
  • BrandDural India
  • ColorsAvailable in different colors to match tiles.
  • Package10 Per Pack / 200 Per Box
  • ApplicationTile Edges / External & Inter corners
  • FeaturesEliminates chamfering procedure & saves manpower.
  • Delivery TimeAs per customer Requirements (Speed Delivery)


They are a class of traffic calming devices used in vertical deflection for slowing motor-vehicle traffic to improve safety conditions. The variations include speed cushion, speed hump, and speed table. They allow vehicles to traverse without impediment.


  • They are used in controlling the speed of the vehicles: Driving fast makes you overlook many conditions. This in turn leads to many irreparable consequences. Hence, speed breakers are required to provide complete control over speed.
  • To control the frequency of accidents: Speed breakers are an effective way of reducing the frequency of accidents. They are designed to limit your speed and emphasize the overall safety of people.
  • Easing traffic congestion: Speed breakers are designed to ease traffic congestion by allowing vehicles to move freely.

Speed Breaker

Height (H) Length (L)
500mm * 350mm * 50mm 0.5mtr
500mm * 350mm * 75mm 0.5mtr
Available Colors(there will be slight variation in colors)
  • Black
  • Yellow